Puzzle 1

Weighing marbles

Because this is a hard puzzle giving the solution just like that would be too easy. Therefor if you mail me the solution I will tell you if it's wrong or right. If you want the solution without solving the puzzle send me another logic puzzle (with solution) and I will send you the answer of this puzzle.

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Puzzle 2

The man with the hat

Nr.1 sees a white and a black hat in front of him. He cannot tell what hat he is wearing, so he keeps his mouth shut. If nr.1 saw two black hats, he would know that he was wearing a white hat. Because nr.1 does not say anything nr.2 knows that nr.1 must see a black and a white hat. Nr.2 sees a black hat and therefor he knows that he himself wears a white hat.

Puzzle 3

Farmers problem

First the farmer takes the goat across the river. He goes back to pick up the wolf. When he is across he leaves the wolf and takes back the goat. Back on the other side he leaves the goat and takes the cabbages with him. Then he picks up the goat and all three items are on the other side.

Puzzle 4


Ask the man which city he lives in. He will always point to village B.

Puzzle 5

Meat purchase

3 cows, 41 geese and 56 chicken.

Puzzle 6

Don't hang yourself

6 meters 28 centimeters.
The outline of a circle is 2*PI*r. If you want a rope that is one meter above the ground rnew=r+1. So you need 2*PI*(r+1)-2*PI*r more rope.
It does not matter what the radius of the circle is. You always need 2*pi more rope.

Puzzle 7

Mother ans daughter

Mother is 40 daughter is 10

Puzzle 8

What a rip-off

1 sheep - 1 dog = 1 goat + 1 dog
1 sheep - 1 goat = 2 dogs
A sheep is 10 dinars, but what costs a goat?
The money they received for their camels is a square. And the decade of this square is odd (total money / 10 dinars), because they could not divide the sheep equally.
Now the interesting thing is that all squares with an odd decade ends on a 6. (162 = 256, 242 = 576). So a goat costs always 6 dinars.
10 - 6 = 2 dogs
So a dog costs 2 dinars.

Puzzle 9

West Wessex Marathon Race

A wins Gold
D wins Silver
C wins Bronze

Puzzle 10

Bar puzzle

1st, Muller, Carmen, cola
2nd, Johnson, Hans, gingerale
3rd, Petit, Andy, soda
4th, La Rue, Marcella, ice
5th, Weiss, Paul, cocktail

Puzzle 11

U2 puzzle

First Bono and Edge = 2 minutes
Bono goes back = 3 minutes
Larry and Adam = 13 minutes
Edge goes back = 15 minutes
Edge and Bono cross again = 17 minutes

Puzzle 12

Who owns the zebra?

The German owns the zebra.
For more info mail me.

Puzzle 13

Black hole

The red and dark green triangles have hypotenuses with slightly different slopes. the upper diagram has a slightly concave hypotenuse, the lower one slightly convex. The convexity takes up space that is made up for by losing one square worth of space.

Puzzle 14

Another marble puzzle

Make a collection of marbles taking one from the first bag, two from the second bag, three from the third, and so on and so forth. Weigh the new collection and the weight in hundredths of a gram will tell what bag the heavier balls came from.

Puzzle 15

Good bargain

The people in the puzzle both forgot to add address numbers to their buildings. If each individual number cost them $2, then One (the number 1) will cost $2. . . and so forth. the number 0ne fourty four (1, 4, 4.) is three digits, and so costs 6 bucks.

Puzzle 16

Grain silos

8 0 0
5 0 3
5 3 0
2 3 3
2 5 1
7 0 1
7 1 0
4 1 3
4 4 0

Puzzle 17

Big Ben

11 seconds
There is an interval of 1 second between each stroke. If the clock strikes 6, there are 5 intervals. If the clock strikes 12 there are 11 intervals.

Puzzle 18

Who took the candy bar?

Abe took the candy bar